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Helium Gas Hire

Helium gas is available to purchase in cylinders with valve and full instruction of use. Deposit and rental charges apply after 30 days.

We will advise as to which size cylinder suits your needs. Phone the shop on 01202 420284 to discuss these helium cylinders

(If use 9" balloons will get many more inflated from a cylinder)

Quantities of balloons inflated are approximate as suggested by manufacturer.

Alternatively you can purchase a disposable cylinder direct from the shop or through our on-line party shop partystore4u.

These cylinders will inflate 50 x 9" latex balloons.

Flat balloons, ribbon and weights can also be purchased from the shop or partystore4u.


To get the best for your party we suggest you use our full decorating service, your balloons will not look as good as what our professional balloon decorators will do for you!


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